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TRIO formal proofs in PVS

Note: what appears here is what I prepared as a project for the "Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science II" a course I attended at Politecnico di Milano, which is associated to the "Formal Methods" course at the University of Illinois (as EECSxxx?).

[Click here to download the paper archive (237k, Postscript format)]


In this paper I address the problem of trying to formally prove the TRIO theorems within the PVS environment. The paper contains a human-written introduction to the proofs, with some reasoning and the justification for some choices I made, and the the full log of the proofs themselves, which should be used only as a reference to check the consistency and the correctness of the very details of my work.

The theorems I will try to prove are taken from Felder, Mandrioli, Morzenti, "Proving properties of real-time systems through logical specifications and Petri net models". .

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