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The real Beretta vs its airsoft replica

This page offers a visual comparison between a real Beretta 98 FS pistol and an airsoft replica of a Beretta M9 (the U.S. Army number for the 92 FS model). Click on an image to enlarge it.

Disclaimer: any product name or trade mark or intellectual property other name or mark subject to copyright cited in this article are property of the respective owners. Copyright: This article and all the photos here included are Copyright © (C) 2002, by Daniele Paolo Scarpazza. All rights reserved. This article can be reproduced in an unlimited number of copies provided that it no modifications are made to it and this copyright notice appears on each copy. Please ask me by e-mail if you want to take my images.

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The real Beretta 98 FS A Beretta 92 FS replica by KSC
Right side 98dx.gif 92dx.gif
Left side 98sx.gif 92sx.gif
Magazines 98m.gif 92m.gif
All photos are taken at real 150 dpi resolution, non data-lossy compression; if you print them at the same resolution, you will obtain 1:1 scale images. Photo dimensions are 1400x1000, file sizes vary around 700-800k, PNG format.

The photos on the left represent a real Beretta 98 FS manufactured by Pietro Beretta, Gardone Val Trompia (BS) - Italy (the serial number has been digitally changed for obvious reasons). The real gun fires 9x21 bullets and the magazine contains 15 shots.

Photos on the right represent an airsoft replica of the M9 (Beretta 92 FS) manufactured by KSC - Japan. The replica fires plastic BB pellets and is powered by the so-called green gas. The shooting energy of the replica is less than 1 J (BB initial velocity less than 100 m/s for a 0.2 gram pellet). The magazine is internally split in two parts: the first is spring-operated and contains 23 BBs; the second is a pressured gas reservoir.


  • The replica is accurate perfect in size and weight;
  • all the details are perfectly reproduced: slide, safety lever, take-down lever, decock lever, hammer, hand grip (except for the Pietro Beretta logo, which is not licensed), three-dot triggers, barrel, magazine, magazine release button, etc.
  • it can be completely taken down, and internal details (at least for the upper part of the gun) are identical: slide, recoil spring, frame mount, levers, etc.
  • moving part motions and functions are perfect;
  • the replica fires in double action at the first shot (if hammer is not armed) exactly as in the real gun, and in single action for the following shots;
  • furthermore if you cock the slide and arm the hammer, the trigger moves back exactly as in the real gun;
  • now, if in this state you re-insert safety, the hammer is disengaged exactly as in the real gun;
  • when the last shot is fired, the slide remains open, so that you can change magazines; and can be brought to its rest position by operating the appropriate lever. During the decock movement, the chamber is loaded.
  • Plastic materials are a little too much shiny and can be easily distinguished from metal at first sight.
  • The chamber loaded indicator is not active in the replica.
The slight difference in the back of hand grip shape is not due to KSC inaccuracy, instead it is a modification between model 92 and 98. Sorry, I have no 98 replicas or 92 real gun to set up a 92-vs-92 or 98-vs-98 comparison.

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TN_92m.gif File : TN_92m.gif 14.6 kbytes 2002-06-06
TN_92sx.gif File : TN_92sx.gif 17.3 kbytes 2002-06-06
TN_98dx.gif File : TN_98dx.gif 15.7 kbytes 2002-06-06
TN_98m.gif File : TN_98m.gif 13.6 kbytes 2002-06-06
TN_98sx.gif File : TN_98sx.gif 16.1 kbytes 2002-06-06

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