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A Distributed Process Mailbox for Linux

Note: what appears here is what I prepared as a project for Networked Operating Systems, a course I attended at Politecnico di Milano. The same course is given at the University of Illinois (as EECS473?).

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Project presentation (PostScript format)
Automatically generated documentation on the C++ code (html format);
Automatically generated documentation on the C++ code (PostScript format).


In this paper I describe the features of the mailboxd distributed mailbox server implementation which I realized as an assignment for the "networked operating systems" exam.

The "distributed mailbox kit" is composed of:

  • an executable-format server, compiled for the desired architecture and ready to run by the user;
  • a C++ object-format library, that the user should link inside its own projects;
  • a C++ header containing required definitions and exports, that the user should include inside its projects;
  • two example programs, respectively called reader and writer, provided together with their C++ source code, whose purpose is to test the proper operation of the server and to show how to use the library;
  • the full set of source files for both the executable server and the library.
The distributes mailbox allows two or more processes to establish a reliable two-way asynchronous message- or stream-based communication identifying themselves with symbolic names, supporting both broadcasting and multicasting. This implementation has a strong, robust, single-threaded high-performance architecture and performs full event logging and monitoring.

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