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Pictures by M. C. Escher
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Pictures by M. C. Escher
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Discrete Mathematics


ChouReview.pdf File : ChouReview.pdf 247 kbytes 2004-04-26
Favaro - ElicaCalcolatoria.pdf File : Favaro - ElicaCalcolatoria.pdf 89.4 kbytes 2003-04-07
Title: Sulla Elica Calcolatoria Di Fuller Con Cenni Storici Sopra Gli Strumenti Calcolatori A Divisione Logaritmica
Authors: Antonio Favaro
fp_summary.pdf File : fp_summary.pdf 97.6 kbytes 2002-03-03
GPS-NMEA.pdf File : GPS-NMEA.pdf 44.8 kbytes 2002-04-06
Title: GPS NMEA 0183 Reference
Authors: Communication Technology GmbH
IEEE-numbers.pdf File : IEEE-numbers.pdf 80.8 kbytes 2002-03-03
Il Sidereus Nuncius riscritto in chiave moderna.pdf File : Il Sidereus Nuncius riscritto in chiave moderna.pdf 778 kbytes 2003-08-19
Title: Il Sidereus Nuncius di Galileo riscritto in chiave moderna
Authors: Daniele Paolo Scarpazza

Lavoro svolto per l'esame di dottorato di Fondamenti della comunicazione tecnico scientifica - Prof. Matricciani

Li-ion_handbook.pdf File : Li-ion_handbook.pdf 4.33 Mbytes 2003-01-10
Madignano.bmp File : Madignano.bmp 722 kbytes 2002-01-26
NiCd.pdf File : NiCd.pdf 437 kbytes 2003-01-10
NiMH_technical.pdf File : NiMH_technical.pdf 729 kbytes 2003-01-10
Prices and Earnings around the globe 2000.pdf File : Prices and Earnings around the globe 2000.pdf 461 kbytes 2001-02-24
Title: Prices and Earnings around the Globe - 2000 Edition
Authors: UBS Switzerland

An international comparison of purchasing power.

PuL2003en.pdf File : PuL2003en.pdf 1.26 Mbytes 2004-09-09
rebus.png File : rebus.png 5378 bytes 2002-07-12
RGM-1000UserManual.pdf File : RGM-1000UserManual.pdf 1.27 Mbytes 2001-12-12
Scarpazza - The Ciserani nickname File : Scarpazza - The Ciserani nickname 25.8 kbytes 2004-04-15
Scarpazza-TRG-parsing-minor-research-presentation.pdf File : Scarpazza-TRG-parsing-minor-research-presentation.pdf 696 kbytes 2005-02-17
Title: Tile rewriting grammars and associate parsing techniques
Authors: Daniele Paolo Scarpazza

Presentation given on my PhD minor research seminar

Scarpazza-TRG-parsing.pdf File : Scarpazza-TRG-parsing.pdf 351 kbytes 2004-10-10
Title: A parsing technique for tile rewriting grammars
Authors: Daniele Paolo Scarpazza

Warning: this document is obsolete. Please refer to the newer papers.

sintesi_armi.pdf File : sintesi_armi.pdf 69.2 kbytes 2002-06-07
Statistica Applicata alla fisica.pdf File : Statistica Applicata alla fisica.pdf 749 kbytes 2003-04-02
Title: Statistica Applicata alla Fisica
Authors: Maurizio Loreti
T20-hmm-62p9631.pdf File : T20-hmm-62p9631.pdf 2.77 Mbytes 2005-09-30
TheWignerDistribution.pdf File : TheWignerDistribution.pdf 330 kbytes 2003-08-16
Title: A Brief Introduction to the Wigner Distribution
Authors: Daniele Paolo Scarpazza

This report is a 5-page quick summary on the most fundamental properties of the Wigner distribution. This document is structured as follows: in the first section the context is given: we introduce the fundamental issues of the time-frequency analysis and the role of joint time-frequencies distributions; then we enumerate the ideal requirements for such distributions. In the second section we specifically define the Wigner distribution and examine which properties it exhibits, which of the above requirements it satisfies and how it compares to the spectrogram.

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