Moebius is, at the moment, the most advanced dispenser software available on the market. It comes with every machine made by Fast, a company whose core-business is high technology painting equipment.

It is the result of years of coding, debugging, testing, collecting reports and wish lists from customers, translating and maintaining. I understand that Moebius deserves a better page than this, but this is what I could do in my spare time...

Moebius is an application which runs on a Win32-based PC connected to a FAST paint dispenser. The program's main purpose is to pilot the dispenser in order to obtain the desired color mixture. Formulas can be provided to Moebius from a number of different sources: from a data file (whose format is fully configurable), from a spectrophotometer (via a serial connection, a file or a network connection), from an external program.

Moebius provides the user with an unprecedented power and freedom in designing its own formulas,

My role in the making of Moebius is the core development, basically I wrote all the C++ code (more than 1.2 MB, only counting the cpp and h files). A quite large number of other persons took care of all the other phases of the deployment. We have translators (the program is shipped in a number of different languages, including English US, English UK, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Japanese), user documentation writers, testers and installators. By the way, the screen shots here reported come from the Italian version, the one that I have on my development machine.

The technical staff in Fast is able to manipulate all the thousands of different configuration options present in Moebius in order to match the user needs, the hardware configuration of the connected devices (label printers, digital balances, spectrophotometres, ...), the physical properties of the installation (every place on earth has got its own temperature range, humidity and any other feature that affects the operation of a paint dispenser).

Figure 1: the normal appearance of the program.

Figure 2: The canister table configuration window

Figure 3: Moebius includes a relational database engine for the logs. This window is the query design window: it is possible to choose a large combination of grouping and some aggregations. It is possible to include in the report all the details, up to the single dispensing operation. The reports are generated in HTML format.

Figure 4: the formula edit window

Figure 5: Moebius is shipped with a convenient label printing utility program. It is possible to configure it in order to automatically print a label for every dispensed formula.