Master@UIC Photo Album

Photos taken in the days going from April 30th and May 10, 2001 in Chicago, when I got my M.S. degree.

On the commencement day (May 5th), me and my friends Paolo Maistri (the guy on the left, pronounce Paholoh My-is-tree) and Luca Ceresoli (the one on the right, pronounce Lookah Chair-a-soli), at the UIC Campus.

The full group of italian guys who got the degree in the same session. In the middle of the group you can see Prof. Dino Mandrioli (Chief of C. S. Engr. degree at Politecnico di Milano) and Prof. Donatella Sciuto (Joint degree program coordinator).

Same time, same place. A photo with professors Mandrioli and Sciuto.

Me with my father and my mother.

The M.S.'s with our department secretary, Mrs. Caldirola.

Me at the Navy Pier. On the background the Loop, and the John Hancock center.

View of the Chicago harbor as seen from the Museum of Natural History.

Me and my friends Luca Ceresoli and Raffaele Mottalini at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Me and my friends at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport, listening to some MP3's.

Crossing the Alps, on the way back home.